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Medaca Health Group

Mental health may well be the costliest employee disability Canadian corporations have ever faced. Estimates place the current annual economic cost of depression and other anxiety related illnesses at $33 billion. This includes the direct cost of funding extended mental health disability claims – some insurance companies report between 40 and 50 per cent of all clams today relate to mental illnesses. And that’s just the beginning. Once employees leave work with a mental disorder, a timely return is anything but assured. They must be diagnosed accurately and treated in the early stages of the illness to ensure it recedes and there is potential for a return to full productivity.

Medaca Health group was created in 2003 to provide corporations and their employees with a nationwide system of best in class, accessible, state-of-the-art, mental health care.

Through a national network of leading psychiatrists and mental health professionals, Medaca has pioneered standardized early intervention and treatment protocols that enable employees to receive fast, effective treatment for anxiety –related disorders and depression. We oversee quality, practice monitoring, and outcome assessment to ensure the value and effectiveness of our services.